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Un día especial

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Un día especial
A special day
abrimos los regalos
we open presents
buscamos huevos de chocolate
we look for chocolate eggs
cantamos villancicos
we sing Christmas carols
cenamos bacalao
we have cod for dinner
comemos dulces navideños
we eat Christmas sweets
comemos doce uvas
we eat twelve grapes
comemos pavo
we eat turkey
nos acostamos muy tarde
we go to bed very late
nos levantamos muy temprano
we get up very early
we pray
vamos a la mezquita
we go to the mosque
vamos a la iglesia
we go to church
ayer fue...
yesterday was...
el baile de fin de curso
the school prom
el Día de Navidad
Christmas Day
el Domingo de Pascua
Easter Sunday
la Nochebuena
Christmas Eve
la Nochevieja
Near Year's Eve
me bañe y luego me maquillé
I had a bath and then did my make-up