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Es imposible hablar
It's impossible to speak
Es necesario practicar
It's necessary to practice
Es difícil usar
It's difficult to use
Es importante trabajar
It's important to work
Es difícil trabajar
It's difficult to work
¿Es difícil trabajar?
Is it difficult to work?
Es posible dar
It's possible to give
¿Es posible dar?
Is it possible to give?
Es fácil rentar
It's easy to rent
¿Es fácil rentar?
Is it easy to rent?
Quiero pagar
I want to pay
Quiere pagar
He/She wants to pay
María quiere pagar
María wants to pay
No quiero
I don't want
Tengo que ayudar
I have to help
Me gustaría ayudar
I would like to help
¿Es posible llenar...?
Is it possible to fill...?
Es necesario
It's necessary
Es necesario dar
It's necessary to give
Es necesario darme
It's necessary to give me
Es necesario dármela
It's necessary to give me it
Es necesario dármela porque es importante
It's necessary to give me it because it's important
Es necesario dármela porque es importante rentarla
It's necessary to give me it because it's important to rent it
Es necesario usar la luz
It's necessary to use the light
Es imposible rentar la casa
It's impossible to rent the house
Quiere estudiar
He/She wants to study
¿Es posible darme la silla?
Is it possible to give me the chair?
Tengo que estudiar
I have to study
Quiero usar la cocina
I want to use the kitchen
¿Es posible hablar?
Is it possible to speak?
con Pablo porque quiero...
with Pablo because I want...
¿...usar la cocina?
... use the kitchen?
Puedo hablar con Susana
I can speak with Susana