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الحَليبُ أبْيَضُ
The milk is white
الأرُزُّ أبْيَضُ
The rice is white
السَيّارَةُ بَيْضاءُ
The car is white
السَيّارَةُ خَضْراءُ
The car is green
التُفّاحَةُ خَضْراءُ
The apple is green
الدَّرّاجَةُ خَضْراءُ
The bicycle is green
السَيّارَةُ حَمْراءُ
The car is red
السَّياراتُ حُمْرُ
The cars are red
القِطَّةُ سَوْداءُ
The cat is black
القِطَّتانِ سَوْداوانِ
The two cats are black
السَّمَكَةُ حَمْراءُ
The fish is red
الأسْماكُ حَمْراءُ
The fish are red
الدَّراجَةُ صَفْراءُ
The bicycle is yellow
الدَّراجاتُ صَفْراءُ
The bicycles are yellow
هِيَ حَمْراءُ
It is red
هُوَ أزْرَقُ
It is blue
هِيَ سَوْداءُ
It is black
هِيَ بَيْضاءُ
It is white
هُوَ أخْضَرُ
It is green
هما أبَيْضانِ
They are both white
هِيَ صَفْراءُ
It is yellow
هُما أخْضَرانِ
They are both green
هي سَوْداءُ و بَيْضاءُ
It is black and white
هُما حَمْراوانِ
They are both red
هُنَّ بيضٌ
They are white