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Two plates
كُرْسِيٌّ واحِدٌ
One chair
ثَلاثَةُ كَراسٍ
Three chairs
كَمْ كوباً لَدَيْكُمْ؟
How many cups do you (pl.) have?
لَدَيْنا أرْبَعَةُ أكْوابٍ
We have four cups
كَمْ شَطيرةً لَدَيْكُمْ؟
How many sandwiches do you have?
لَدَيْنا خَمْسُ شَطائِرَ
We have five sandwiches
كَمْ كُرْسِيّاً هُناكَ؟
How many chairs are there?
هُناكَ سِتَّةُ كَراسي
There are six chairs
كَمْ هاتِفاً هُناكَ؟
How many phones are there?
هُناكَ خَمْسَةُ هَواتِفَ
There are five phones
كَمْ سَريراً هُناكَ؟
How many beds are there?
هُناكَ سَريرانِ
There are two beds
هُناكَ ثَلاثُ بَيْضاتٍ
There are three eggs
هُناكَ خَمْسُ بَيْضاتٍ
There are five eggs
هُناكَ أرْبَعَةُ أكْوابٍ
There are four cups
هُناكَ سِتَّةُ أكْوابٍ
There are six cups
ثَلاثَةُ صُحونٍ بَيْضاءَ
Three plates are white
تُفّاحَتانِ خَضْراوانِ
Two apples are green
زَهْرَةٌ واحِدَةٌ حَمْراءُ
One flower is red
أرْبَعُ سُلْطانِيّاتٍ زَرْقاءَ
Four bowls are blue
كَمْ مائِدَةً بَيْضاءُ؟
How many tables are white?
مائِدَتان بَيْضاوانِ
Two tables are white
كَمْ كُرَةً حَمْراءُ؟
How many balls are red?
كُرَةٌ واحِدةٌ حَمْراءُ
One ball red