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المَرْأةُ تَلْبَسُ قُبَّعَةً
The woman is wearing a hat
هُوَ يَشْتَري قُبَّعَةً واحِدَةً
He is buying one hat
هِيَ تَشْتَري قُبَّعَتَيْنِ
She is buying two hats
هُوَ يَشْتَري ثَلاثَةَ قُمْصانٍ
He is buying three T-shirts
هِيَ تَشْتَري أرْبَعَةَ قُمْصانٍ
She is buying four T-shirts
الرَّجُلُ يَلْبَسُ مِعْطَفاً
The man is wearing a coat
الرَّجُلُ يَشْتَري مِعْطَفاً
The man is buying a coat
الرَّجُلُ يَلْبَسُ قُبَّعَةً
The man is wearing a hat
الرَّجُلُ يَشْتَري قُبُّعَةً
The man is buying a hat
هَلْ تَقْرَآنْ؟
Are you reading?
هَلْ لَدَيْكَ سَمَكٌ؟
Do you (f.) have a fish?
هَلْ الجَوادُ أسْوَدُ؟
Is the horse black?
لا. لَيْسَ الجَوادُ أسْوَدَ
No, the horse is not black
كَمْ شَجَرَةً هُناكَ؟
How many trees are there?
هُناكَ ثَلاثُ أشْجارٍ
There are three trees
هُناكَ أرْبَعُ أشْجارٍ
There are four trees
كَمْ من السُلْطانِيّاتِ هُناكَ؟
How many bowls are there?
هُناكَ سُلْطانِيَّةٌ واحِدَةٌ
There is one bowl
كَمْ طِفْلاً هُناكَ؟
How many children are there?
هُناكَ سِتَّةُ أطْفالٍ
There are six children
هَذا ماءٌ
This is water
هَذا صَحْنٌ
This is a plate
هَذِهِ شَجَرَةٌ
This is a tree
هَلْ العُشْبُ أخْضَرُ؟
Is the grass green?
نَعَمْ العُشْبُ أخْضَرُ
Yes. The grass is green