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Greetings and Introductions 1.26

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كَمْ دَرّاجَةً هُناكَ؟
How many bicycles are there?
هُناكَ ثَلاثُ دَرّاجاتٍ
There are three bicycles
مَنْ لَدَيْهِ دَرّاجَةٌ؟
Who has a bicycle?
هِيَ لَدَيْها دَرّاجَةٌ
She has a bike
هَلْ لَدَيْها دَرّاجَةٌ؟
Does she have a bike?
هَذِهِ شَطيرَةٌ
This is a sandwich
كَمْ شَطيرَةً هُناكَ؟
How many sandwiches are there?
هُناكَ شَطيرَتانِ
There are two sandwiches
هَلْ تَأكُلينَ شَطائِرَ؟
Are you (f.) eating sandwiches?
رَجُلٌ و كَلْبٌ
A man and a dog
إمْرَأةٌ و كَلْبُها
A woman and her dog
بِنْتٌ و جَوادٌ
A girl and a horse
شُرْطِيٌّ و جَوادُهُ
A policeman and his horse
إمْرَأةٌ و سَيّارَتُها
A woman and her car
إمْرَأةٌ و قِطَّتُها
A woman and her cat
رَجُلٌ و سَيّارَتُهُ
A man and his car
رَجُلٌ و قِطَّتُهُ
A man and his cat
هُما يَأكُلانِ شَطيرَتَهُما
They are both eating their sandwich
هُما تَأكُلانِ شَطيرَتَيْهِما
They (dual f.) are eating their sandwiches
هُما يَقْرَآنِ صَحيفَتَهُما
They are both reading their newspaper
هُمْ يَقْرَأونَ صُحُفَهُمْ
They are reading their newspapers
هُما تَقْرَآنِ كِتابَهُما
They are both (f.) reading their book
هُمْ يَأكُلونَ تُفّاحاتِهِمْ
They are eating their apples
هُمْ يَقْرَأونَ كُتُبَهُمْ
They read their books