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Greetings and Introductions 1.27

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هِيَ تَقْرَأُ كِتابَها
She is reading her book
هُوَ يَقْرَأُ كِتابَهُ
He is reading his book
هُنَّ يَأكُلْنَ تُفّاحاتِهِنَّ
They (f.) are eating their apples
هِيَ تَأكُلُ تُفّاحَتَها
She is eating her apple
هُوَ يَأكُلُ تُفّاحَتَهُ
He is eating his apple
A family
إمْرَأةٌ و إبْنَتُها
A woman and her daughter
رَجُلٌ و إبْنُهُ
A man and his son
The teacher
هَلْ لَدَيكِ كَلْبٌ؟
Do you have a dog?
نَعَمْ لديَّ كَلْبٌ
Yes, I have a dog
أَنا أَقْرَأُ
I am reading
هَذِه قَهْوَةٌ
This is a coffee
هَلْ لَدَيكِ كُوبٌ؟
Do you have a cup?
نَعَمْ لَدَيَّ كُوبٌ
Yes, I have a cup
لَدَيَّ خُبْزٌ
I have a bread
مَاذا لَدَيْكُما؟
What do you both have?
لَدَيْنا تُفَّاحٌ أَخْضَرُ
We have a green apple
مَاذا يَفْعَلُ؟
What is he doing?
الأبُ وَ إبْناهُ يَلْعَبونَ
The father and his sons are playing
الأُمُّ وَ بِنْتاها يَلْعَبْنَ
The mother and her daughters are playing
الوَلَدُ وَ كَلْبُهُ يَلْعَبانِ
The boy and his dog are playing