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The daughter
إمْرَأةٌ وَ زَوْجُها
A woman and her husband
بِنْتٌ وَ والِداها
A girl and her parents
بِنْتانِ وَ والِداهُما
Two daughters and their parents
رَجُلٌ وَ زَوْجَتُه
A man and his wife
إمْرَأةٌ وَ أطْفالُها
A women and children
أبٌ وَ إبْنَتُه
A father and his daughter
والِدانْ و إبنيْهُما
The parents and their two sons
أُمٌّ وَ رَضيعُها
A mother and her baby
أبٌ وَ أطْفالُهُ
A father and his children
زَوْجٌ وَ زَوْجَتُهُ
A husband and his wife
والِدانِ وَ إبْنَتُهُما
Parents and their daughter
بِنْتٌ وَ أبوها
A girl and her father
أبٌ وَ إبْنُهُ
A father and his son
لَدَيْنا إبْنانِ
We have two sons
لَدَيْنا أرْبَعُ بَناتٍ
We have four daughters
لَدَيْنا إبْنٌ واحِدٌ وَ ثَلاثُ بَناتٍ
We have one son and three daughters
سَبْعَةُ أوْلادٍ
Seven boys
سَبْعُ بَناتٍ
Seven daughters
ثَمانِيَةُ رِجالٍ
Eight men
ثَمانُ نسِاءٍ
Eight women
تِسْعَةُ كُتُبٍ
Nine books
تِسْعُ بَيْضاتٍ
Nine eggs