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هَذانِ والِدانا
These are our parents
دَرّاجَتُهُ كَبيرَةٌ
His bike is big
دَرّاجَتُها صَغيرَةٌ
Her bike is small
دَرّاجَتُهُما خَضْراءُ
Their (d.) bike is green
دَرّاجَتي زَرْقاءُ
My bike is blue
دَرّاجَتُنا سَوْداءُ
Our bike is black
كَمْ عُمْرُهُ؟
How old is he?
عُمْرُه إثْنَتا عَشْرَةَ سَنَةٍ
He is twelve years old
عُمْري خَمْسُ سَنَواتٍ
I am five years old
كَمْ عُمْرُها؟
How old is she?
عُمْرُها تِسْعُ سَنَواتٍ
She is nine years old
عُمْري تِسْعُ سَنَواتٍ
I am nine years old
أنْتِ صَديقَتي
You are my girlfriend
أنْتَ طَبيبي
You are my doctor
أنْتِ زَوْجَتي
you are my wife
أنْتَ مُعَلِّمي
you are my teacher
هَلْ أنْتِ نائِمَةٌ؟
Are you (f.) sleeping?
هَلْ تَأكُلينَ؟
Are you (f.) eating?
عَشْرَةُ صُحونٍ
Ten plates
عَشْرَةُ أكْوابٍ
Ten cups
إحْدى عَشْرَةَ سُلْطانِيَّةً
Eleven bowls
إحْدى عَشْرَةَ زَهْرَةً
Eleven flowers