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هَذا جَدّي
This is a grandfather
مَرْحَباً جَدَّتي
Hello my grandmother
مَرْحَباً جَدّي
Hello my grandfather
هِيَ تُعانِقُ جَدَّتَها
She is hugging her grandmother
هُوَ يُقَبِّلُ إبْنَه
He is kissing his son
نَحْنُ نَتَعانَق
We are hugging
هِيَ تُقَبِّلُ زَوْجَها
She kissing her husband
أُحِبُّ أُمّي
I love my mother
أُحِبُّ أخي
I love my brother
أُحِبُّ أُخْتي
I love my sister
أُحِبُّ جَدّي
I love my grandfather
الزَّوْجَةُ تُحِبُّ زَوْجَها
The wife loves her husband
الوالِدانِ يُحِبّانِ أطْفالَهُما
The parents love their children
الوَلَدُ يُحِبُّ جَدَّهُ
The boy loves his grandfather
البِنْتُ تُحِبُّ كَلْبَها
The girl loves her dog
البِنْتان تَتَعانَقانِ
The two girls are hugging
الرَّجُلُ وَالمَرْأةُ يُقَبِّلانِ بَعْضَهُما
The man and the woman are kissing
الطِّفْلانِ يُحِبّان أُمَّهُما
The two children love their mother
أُحِبُّ رَضيعَتي
I love my baby
القِطَّةُ تَحْتَ المائِدَةِ
The cat is under the table
الكَلْبُ تَحْتَ القَميص
The dog is under the shirt
الأوْلادُ تَحْتَ السَّريرِ
The boys are under the bed
الوَلَدُ في المَنْزِلِ
The boy is in the house
البِنْتُ في الشَّقَّةِ
The girl is in the apartment
العائِلَةُ في المَنْزِلِ
The family is at house