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المَرْأةُ في الشَّقَّةِ
The woman is in the apartment
هَذا البابُ كَبيرٌ
This door is big
هَذا البابُ صَغيرٌ
This door is small
هَذِهِ النّافِذَةُ كَبيرَةٌ
The window is big
هَذِهِ النّافِذَةُ صَغيرَةٌ
This window is small
الرَّجُلُ في غُرْفَةِ الطَّعامِ
The man is in the dining room
القِطَّةُ في غُرْفَةِ النَّوْمِ
The cat is in the bedroom
العائِلَةُ في غُرْفَةِ الطَّعامِ
The family is in the dining room
الكُمْبيوتَر في غُرْفَةِ النَّوْمِ
The computer is in the bedroom
المَطْبَخُ أخْضَرُ
The kitchen is green
غُرْفَةُ النَّوْمِ خَضْراءُ
The bedroom is green
الحَمّامُ أخْضَرُ
The bathroom is green
غُرْفَةُ الجُلوسِ خَضْراءُ
The living room is green
غُرْفَةُ الطَّعامِ خَضْراءُ
The dining room is green
المَنْزِلُ أخْضَرُ
The house is green
غُرْفَةُ نَوْمٍ
غُرْفَةُ طَعامٍ
Dining room
البِنْتُ وَ جَدَّتُها في غُرْفَةِ الطَّعام
The girl and her grandmother are in the dining room
الوَلَدُ و جَدُّهُ في الحَمّام
The boy and his grandfather are in the bathroom
البِنْتُ و جَدُّها يَلْعَبان
The girl and her grandfather are playing
الوَلَدُ و جَدَّتُهُ يَطْبُخان
The boy and his grandmother are cooking
البِنْتُ تَسْتَمِعُ إلى الرّادْيو
The girl is listening to the radio
هُمْ يَسْتَمِعونَ إلى الرّادْيو
They are listening to the radio
الوَلَدُ و البِنْتُ يُشاهِدانِ السَّمَكَةَ
The boy and girl are watching the fish
القِطَّةُ تُشاهِدُ السَّمَكَةَ
The cat is watching fish