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البِنْتُ تَحْتَ السَّريرِ
The girl is under the bed
الرَّجُلُ فَوْقَ السَيّارَة
The man is on the car
الرَّجُلُ تَحْتَ السَيّارَة
The man is under the car
الأوْلادُ يُشاهِدونَ التِّلِفِزْيون
The boys are watching television
الطِّفْلَةُ تَسْتَمِعُ
The child is listening
الوالِدانِ يَسْتَمِعان
The parents are listening
الرَّجُلُ يَسْتَمِعُ إلى الرّادْيو
The man is listening to the radio
الوالِدانِ يُشاهِدانِ طِفْلَيْهِما
The parents are watching their children
الوَلَدُ يَجْلِسُ
The boy is sitting
البِنْتُ تَجْلِسُ
The girl is sitting
أيْنَ كُتُبي؟
Where are my books?
كُتُبُكِ فَوْقَ الكُرْسِيِّ
Your books are on the chair
أيْنَ كوبي؟
Where is my cup?
كوبُكِ في المِغْسَلَةِ
Your cup is in the sink
هَلْ هُوَ أخوكِ؟
is he your (f.) brother?
نَعَمْ هُوَ أخي
Yes, he is my brother
أيْنَ صَحيفَتي؟
Where is my newspaper?
صَحيفَتُكَ عَلى المائِدَةِ
Your newspaper is on the table
أيْنَ الحِذاءُ؟
Where are the shoes?
الحِذاءُ تَحْتَ السَّرير
The shoes are under the bed
أيْنَ الصَّحيفَةُ؟
Where is the newspaper?
الصَّحيفَةُ فَوْقَ السَّرير
The newspaper is on the bed
أيْنَ الأكْوابُ؟
Where are the cups?
الأكْوابُ في المِغْسَلَةِ
The cups are in the sink
أيْنَ الصُحونُ؟
Where are the plates?