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أنا قَصيرَةٌ
I am short (f.)
شَعْري أحْمَرُ
I have red hair
شَعْرُها أسْوَدُ
Her hair is black
شَعْرُها رَمادِيٌّ
Her hair is gray
شَعْرُهُ أحْمَرُ
His hair is red
شَعْرُها بُنِّيٌّ
Her hair is brown
شَعْرُهُ أشْقَرُ
His hair is blonde
شَعْرُهُ أبْيَضُ
His hair is white
ما هُوَ لَوْنُ كَنْزَتُهُ؟
What color is his sweater?
كَنْزَتُهُ زَرْقاءُ
His sweater is blue
ما هُوَ لَوْنُ بَدْلَتِكَ؟
What color is your suit?
بَدْلَتي رَمادِيَّةٌ
My suit is gray
ما هُوَ لَوْنُ شَعْرِه؟
What color is his hair?
شَعْرُهُ بُنِّيٌّ
His hair is brown
ما هُوَ لَوْنُ شَعْرِها؟
What color is her hair?
شَعْرُها أشْقَرٌ
Her hair is blond
ما هُوَ لَوْنُ شَعْرِهِنَّ؟
What color is their (f.) hair?
شَعْرُهُنَّ أسْوَدُ
Their (f.) hair is black
مَا هُوَ لَوْنُ شَعْرِكِ؟
What color is your hair?
قُبَّعَتي زَرْقاءٌ
My hat is blue
رَبْطَةُ عُنُقي بُرْتُقالِيَّةٌ
My tie is orange
حِزامِيَ بُنِّيٌّ
My belt is brown
كَنْزَتي بَنَفْسَجِيَّةٌ
My sweater is violet
الرَّجُلُ الطَّويلُ يَلْبِسُ بَدْلَةً سَوْداءَ
The tall man is wearing a black suit
الرَّجُلُ القَصيرُ يَلْبَسُ بَدْلَةً سَوْداء
The short man is wearing a black suit