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لِماذا أنْتِ في الحَمّامِ؟
Why are you in the bathroom?
أنا في الحَمّامِ لأنّي أغْسِلُ يَدَيَّ
I'm in the bathroom because I'm washing my hands
لِماذا تَغْسِلينَ يَدَيْكِ؟
Why do you (f.) wash your hands?
أنا أغْسِلُ يَدَيَّ لأنَّهُما مُتَّسِخَتَيْنِ
I'm washing my hands because They're dirty (تَينِ)
فُرْشاةُ أسْنانٍ
A toothbrush
مَعْجونُ أسْنانٍ
A tooth paste
A brush
A soap
A towel
الكُرَةُ عَلى قَدَمِهِ
The ball is on his foot
الكُرَةُ عَلى إصْبَعِهِ
The ball is on his finger
الكُرَةُ عَلى وَجْهِهِ
The ball is on his face
الشّارِعُ مُبْتَلٌّ
The street is wet
القُمْصانُ جافَّةٌ
The shirts are dry
الكِلابُ مُبْتَلَّةٌ
The dogs is wet
القِطَّةُ جافَّةٌ
The cat is dry
الجِيادُ مُبْتَلَّةٌ
The horse is wet
الجِيادُ جافَّةٌ
The horse is dry
شَعْرُها مُبْتَلٌّ
Her hair is wet
شَعْرُها جافٌّ
Her hair is dry
الجَوارِبُ مُتَّسِخَةٌ
The socks is dirty
القَميصُ نَظيفٌ
The shirt is clean
وَجْهُها مُتَّسِخٌ
Her face is dirty
وَجْهُهُ نَظيفٌ
His face is clean