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هَذا السَّريرُ ثَقيلٌ
This bed is heavy
هَذا التِلِفِزْيونُ ثَقيلٌ
This TV is heavy
إنَّهُنَّ بَطيئات
They are slow
هُوَ سَريعٌ
It is fast
هِيَ بَطيئَةٌ
It is slow
هَذِهِ السَيّارَةُ سَريعَةٌ
This car is fast
هَذا الحَيَوانُ بَطيءٌ
This animal is slow
الجَوادُ البُنِّيُّ سَريعٌ
The brown horse is fast
هَذِهِ سَريعَةٌ
This is fast
هَذِهِ خَفيفَةٌ
This is light
هَذا ثَقيلٌ
This is heavy
هَذا بَطيءٌ
This is slow
هَذِهِ مَصْنوعَةٌ مِنَ الخَشَب
These is made of wood
هَذِهِ مَصْنوعَةٌ مِنَ البلاسْتيك
This is made of plastic
هَذا مَصْنوعٌ مِنَ الوَرَق
This is made of paper
هَذا مَصْنوعٌ مِنَ المَعْدَن
This is made of metal
العُمْلاتُ المَعْدَنِيَّةُ مَصْنوعَةٌ مِنَ المَعْدَنِ
The coins are made of metal
بِطاقاتُ الإئْتِمان مَصْنوعَةٌ مِنَ البلاسْتيك
The credit cards are made of plastic
الشّيكاتُ مَصْنوعَةٌ مِنَ الوَرَق
The checks are made of paper
هُمْ يَدْفَعونَ بِالعُمْلَةِ المَعْدَنِيَّةِ
They are paying with coin
هِيَ تَدْفَعُ بِالشّيكِ
She is paying by check
هُوَ يَدْفَعُ بِبِطاقَةِ الائْتِمانِ
He pays with a credit card
أنا أدْفَعُ نَقْداً
I pay cash
هَلْ تُريدينَ الدَّفْعَ بِالشّيكِ؟
Do you want to pay by check?
لا أُريدُ الدَّفْعَ بِالنَّقْدِ
No, I want to pay with cash