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Two Adults
الأطْفالُ يَشْرَبونَ
The children is drinking
الرّاشِدونَ يَأكُلونَ
The adults are eating
الطِّفْلانِ يَسْبَحانِ
The (d.) children are swimming
الرّاشِدونَ يَجْرونَ
The adults are running
الطِّفْلَةُ تَجْري
The child is running
الأطْفالُ يَجْرونَ
The children are running
الرّاشِدُ يَقْرَأُ
The adult is reading
الرّاشِدونَ يَقْرَأونَ
The adults are reading
لَدَيْهِ سَيّارَةٌ
He has a car
لَدَيْها شَطائِرُ
She has sandwiches
لَدَيْهِما جَوادٌ
They both have a horse
لَدَيْهِ كُتُبٌ
He has books
لَدَيْهُمْ أقْلامٌ
They have pens