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25 Common Sayings ~ Reversed

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Accepting something difficult or unpleasant
Bite the bullet
Family comes before everything else
Blood is thicker than water
To commence a project or initiate a friendship
Break the ice
To flatter someone
Butter someone up
Something said to someone when they are at a loss for words
Cat got your tongue?
To be caught doing something wrong
Caught red-handed
Hang on to valuable things when getting rid of unnecessary things
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater
Making an apology and suffering humiliation along with it
Eat humble pie
A rude way of telling someone he isn’t welcome
Give the cold shoulder
To quit something abruptly
Go cold turkey
To try one’s best
Go the whole 9 yards
One who crosses the street in a reckless or illegal manner
To die
Kick the bucket
To relax or be at ease
Let your hair down
Having more of something than you need
More than you can shake a stick at
Someone who is past his prime
No spring chicken
To be very happy
Pleased as punch
To irritate, bother, or annoy someone
Rub the wrong way
A common, ubiquitous benchmark
Rule of thumb
Go crazy
Run amok
Rescued from an unwanted situation
Saved by the bell
To reveal one’s true nature
Show your true colors
Sleep well
Sleep tight
To reveal a secret
Spill the beans
Waking up in a bad mood
Waking up on the wrong side of the bed