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crop up
appear or happen suddenly or unexpectedly
dive in
start doing something in a very enthusiastic way
end up
be in a particular place or state after doing something or because of doing it
kick off (with)
begin (with)
knock off
stop working
knuckle down
start working hard, especially when you should have done this earlier
lay off
end someone's employment, especially temporarily, because there is not enough work for them / stop doing or using something, especially for a short period of time
lie ahead
if something lies ahead, it is going to happen to you in the future
make up
work at different time from usual because you have not worked enough at the normal times
press ahead/on (with)
continue doing something in a determined way, despite difficulties, opposition or interruptions
set out
start doing or working on something in order to achieve an aim outset
snow under
if you are snowed under, you have too much of something to deal with
take on
start to employ someone / accept some work or responsibility
tide over
help someone to get to the end of a difficult period of time, especially by giving them money until they can get some more
while away
spend time in a relaxed way when you have nothing else to do
wind down
end or finish something gradually / gradually reduce work before stopping completely / relax after a period of excitement or worry
run its course
nechat prirozene probihat
in due course
v pravy cas
on a course
na spravne ceste
course of events
prubeh udalosti
from day to day
den ode dne
any day now
kazdym dnem
in this day and age
v tehle (moderni) dobe
day in, day out
bez prestavky
put an end to
no end in sight (to)
konec je v nedohlednu
on end
v kuse / na konci
a stitch in time saves nine
used for saying that it is better to solve a problem now, rather than leave it until later when it may be more difficult to deal with
all in good time
used for telling someone to wait for something and not try to make you hurry
at the drop of a hat
immediately or in a way that shows that you have no doubts about doing something
for good
permanently / without the possibility of change in the future
for the time being
for now
in/for donkey's years
an extremely long time
in the nick of time
just in time to prevent something bad happening
once in a blue moon
very rarely
on the spur of the moment
if you do something on the spur of the moment, you do it suddenly and do not take time to plan it or think carefully about it
the other day