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zlezt / vystoupit (mountaint, stairs)
sevrit / pevne drzet
byt nesen / posun /
smatrat / neobratne manipulovat
plachtit / klouzat
potulovat se
smyk / dostat smyk
razne kracet / velky krok
pronajem / pronajmout (dopravni prostredek)
return fare
money you pay for a journey to and from a place
cordon off
stop people from entering an area by putting something such as a rope sround it
creep up on
move towards someone quietly and slowly, especially because you want to surprise them
go astray
become lost or go to the wrong place
head off
prevent someone from going somewhere by getting in front of them / prevent something from taking place
hold back
stop someone or something from moving forwards
move in
start living in a different house or flat
move on
leave one place and travel to another / stop discussing or doing something and begin discussing or doing something different
move out
premanently leave the house or flat where you live or the place where you have your business
move over
change your position in order to make space for someone or something
pull over
stop by the side of the road in a car or other vehicle
slip away
leave secretly
step aside
move so that sb can pass you / leave a job so that sb else can take over
stop off
visit somewhere before continuing to another place
tip up
(of an object) have one end move upwards, especially because something heavy has been put at the other end /turn a container upside down so that the things inside it come out
walk out
leave a meeting, performance, etc before the end, usually because you are angry or bored / suddenly leave a relationship, your family, your job, etc
a stone's throw (away/from)
very close (to)
as the crow flies
in straight line (used for measuring distance)
follow your nose
go straight forward, without turning / do what you feel is right in a particular situation, although you are not certain
in the middle of nowhere
a long way from any town or city
lose your bearings
become confused about where you are and where other things are
make a beeline for
go towards someone or something in the quickiest and most direct way
off the beaten track
away from populated areas or areas popular with tourists
stop dead in your tracks
suddenly stop, for example because you are surprised
take a short cut to
follow a path that is quicker and shorter than the usual way
take the scenic route
follow a longer path than the usual one because it is more attractive