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account for
vysvetlit / objasnit / zodpovidat se
give an account of
popisovat / referovat o
take into account
vzit v uvahu / vzit na vedomi
take account of
vzit v uvahu
on account of
kvuli / pro
by all accounts
podle vseho
on sb's account
na neci ucet
associate sth with
spojit s
hang in the balance
viset na vlasku
strike a balance
udelat rovnovahu
upset the balance
narusit rovnovahu
alter the balance
zmenit rovnovahu
redress the balance
nastolit rovnovahu
on the basis of
na zaklade
contrary to popular belief
na rozdil od vseobecneho presvedceni
beyond belief
k nevire
in the belief that
v presvedceni ze
popular belief
vseobecne se veri ze
widely held belief
siroce zastavany nazor
growing belief
rostouci presvedceni
preskolit / vymyt mozek
nahle pochopeni
zaver / zakonceni
arrive to conclusion
dospet k zaveru
jump to conclusions
delat ukvapene zavery
in conclusion
na zaver / zaverem / nakonec
foregone conclusion
predem ucineny zaver
take into consideration
vzit v uvahu
show consideration for
ukazat ohled na
under consideration
v uvahu
out of consideration for
z ohledu na
cast doubt on
raise doubts
vzbuzujici pochybnosti
in doubt
v pripade pochybnosti
beyond any doubt
nade vsi pochybnost
make a mental note
zapamatujte si
mental arithmetic
pocitani z pameti
in two minds about
uzkoprsy / prizemni / plny predsudku
nezaujaty / objektivni
under the misapprehension that
pod omylem , ze
put into perspective
dat do souvislosti
from another perspective
z jineho uhlu pohledu
out of perspective
z hlediska
beg the question
vyvolava otazky
no question of
neni pochyb o
in question
dotycny / prislusny / zmineny
side with somebody
podporovat nekoho
take sides
stranit / fandit / pridat se
view something as
zobrazit neco jako
take the view that
zastavajici nazor ze
point of view