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calls election
officially announces that an election will take place
to resign from office
to give up an office or position (often formally)
to win a slim majority
to win a small majority
to declare independence
to announce that it no longer wishes to be ruled by others
humiliating defeat
making you feel ashamed
presents show of unity
publicly appears to be united
regime toppled
made to fall
proclaims victory
makes an official announcement of victory
to seize power
to take control of a place suddenly and quickly, using military force
to deliver a speech
to make/give a speech
nationwide search
a search that happens in all parts of the country
trouble broke out
trouble started
vital clue
an important fact or a piece of evidence that helps you discover the answer
to call off the search
(phrasal verb) stop searching
substantial reward
a reward of a high amount of money
recovery of the money
to find the lost money back
to get away
(informal) To escape, to go somewhere that is not your home.
to reach an agreement
to come on an agreement with someone
the dispute arose
the debate started
to hold a demonstration
to have a demostration
a test of strength
a method, practice, or examination designed to test a person or thing
to negotiate a settlement
have formal discussions in the hope of coming to an agreement (settlement= an official agreement or decision that ends an argument, a court case, or a fight, or the action of making an agreement)
to act as a go-between
to act as a mediator_ to deliver messages between people who were reluctants or unable to speak to each other
brokering an agreement
arranging an agreement
to bow to pressure
to give in to the pressure
to enter into an agreement
to take part into an agreement
prime-time television
most popular time of the day for watching TV
hold a press conference
give a press conference
impose censorship
introduce censorship