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a quality newspaper
a more serious newspaper which gives detailed accounts of world events, as well as reports on business, culture, and society
the suspense builds up
the feeling of excitement or nervousness that you have when you are waiting for something to happen and are uncertain about what it is going to be
an amazing chain of events
a series of events
startling originality
remarkably original
a bold experiment
a brave and risky thing to do
an accomplished actor
a successful actor
consummate professional
complete professional, showing a lot of skill
star-studded cast
a cast with many famous actors
a dazzling display
an impressive display
series of events
things happening at a close succession
spectacularly successful
very successful
glowing reviews
very positive reviews
a group of actors who are casted for a play or film etc.
in the role of
a part or character played by an actor
disaster/emergency relief
Our objective is to provide food aid and ... to developing countries.
strongly influenced
or heavily influenced, but NOT highly influenced
to release the CD
to launch the CD
highly recommend
thoroughly recommend
can bear the suspense
can stand the excitement
think highly
adore / appreciate
a dismal failure
A failure that is dismal is bad in a sad or depressing way.
all-star cast
Made up entirely of star performers
to hold my attention
to keep me interested
a lasting impression
a permanent impression (indelible impression)
to fire someone imagination
to make someone feel interested and excited.
awakened my interest
arousing my interest
to create an atmosphere
to evoke an atmosphere
a popular tabloid newspaper
a newspaper with compact page size smaller than broadsheet, tends to emphasize topics such as sensational crime stories, astrology, celebrity gossip and television