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a thirst for adventure
(idiom) a very strong desire for adventure
to get itchy feet
to start to want to travel or do something new
to contain my excitement
to control or hide my excitement
arduous journey
difficult, tiring, needing a lot of effort
to broke the journey
to stop for a short time
to have a stopover
to have a brief (usually) overnight stay in a place when on a long journey to somewhere else, usually by air
to do the sights
to see all the sights
a low-cost airline
an airline that generally has lower fares and fewer comforts
to put me on standby
to make me wait to see if a seat became available
to go trekking
Hiking and camping overnight in backcountry, carrying equipment in a backpack
off the beaten track
(informal) in a place where few people go, far from any main roads and towns
brave, with no fear of dangerous situations
unexplored wilderness
wilderness that is not yet been explored
sense of adventure
the feeling that you want to have new and exciting experiences
hopelessly lost
getting really lost
to send out a search party
a group of people taking part in an organized search, as for a lost, missing, or wanted person
sunny spells
bright period, spell of sunshine
to boost spirits
to make someone`s feel more cheerful
to face severe weather conditions
to face harsh weather conditions
their spirits were high
they were in a positive mood
sheer epic grandeur
The quality or condition of being grand
to have a special charm
to have a pleasing or attractive feature
to keep your eyes peeled
to keep your eyes open (informal)
your budget doesn't quite stretch to
you can't afford
to lull you to sleep
to quiet and comfort someone to sleep.
a leg of the journey
a part of the journey