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The quality or state of being mobile.
the state of being overcrowded, esp with traffic or people
a pedestrian
A person traveling on foot; a walker.
the use of a series of devices, such as bends and bumps in the road, to slow down traffic, esp in residential areas
a traffic-free zone
a zone without vehicles
accident risk
The possibility of suffering harm or loss; the danger of getting injured
to subsidize
to pay some of the cost of goods or services so that they can be sold to other people at a lower price
black spot
a place on a road where accidents frequently occur
transport strategy
traffic plan
driving a car after drinking alcohol
pedestrian crossing
cross walk, zebra crossing
the Highway code
(in Britain) an official government booklet giving guidance to users of public roads
the action or practice of driving fast and dangerously in a stolen car for enjoyment.
deaths resulting from an accident or disaster
cycle lanes
bike lanes
one who travels regularly, especially over a considerable distance, between home and work
congestion charge
daily fee for driving a vehicle within a specified zone
well-designed transport systems
transit system built to serve its purpose well
speed cameras
devices which record the speed of a car
speed bumps
traffic calming devices that use vertical deflection to slow motor-vehicle traffic in order to improve safety conditions
driving penalties
punishments for driving offences
road bends
road build to reduce speed driving
to promote better driving habits
to encourage safer driving manners
impediment, restraint
safe road design
secure road building plan
the frame of the vehicle
the car structure
sustainable form of transportation
viable means of transportation
driving offender
driving deliquent
to break traffic rules
the opposite of "to follow traffic rules" or "to respect the law"
safe-driving courses
courses that promote driving safely
to curb speed driving
to control speed driving
risk factors of different driving patterns
risk circumstances of various driving situations that repeat often
people who ride bycicles
riding a bicycle
dedicated cycling path
a lane special for bikes
human-powered land vehicle
a mode of transportation based on human force
vehicle occupants
people that are in a car
road users
people that are driving on the road
to cut the accident rate
to reduce the number of accidents
over-reliance on modern means of transport
overdependence on new modes of transport
underdeveloped cycling paths
rudimentary lanes for bicycles
traffic intensity
traffic concentraction
A cause of great distress or annoyance
up to standard
good enough
desperate state of disrepair
the state of being in an acute need of repair
to bring traffic to a halt
to cause someone or something to stop immediately.