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severely disrupted
prevented from continuing as usual
traffic diverted
made to take a different route
heavy traffic
a lot of traffic
a dense traffic
cars very close together
lengthy delays
delays that take a long time
to die down
(phrasal verb) gradually becomes much less noisy, powerful, or active
to be stuck in traffic
[idiom] to stay still in traffic
the traffic is tailing back
to form a long queue
the traffic is building up
[phr vb] more traffic on the road
ease off
[phr vb] gradually becomes less unpleasant or annoying
valid driving licence
currently in use or acceptable driving permision
to take my driving test
[expresion] to take a test to see if you are capable of driving a car
to change gear
to switch gear 2. American English to start doing something in a different way, especially using more or less energy or effort
to get into reverse gear
[idiom] to move backwards
to grind the gears
to change gears roughly and noisily also (idiom) to greatly or specificaly annoy someone.
an automatic car
a car that can automatically change gears
a manual car
a car in which you have to change gears
a current licence
currently in use or acceptable 2
to bear left
[phrase] to change direction slightly towards the left
a right-hand drive car
a car with the steering wheel on the right
to keep on the left side
[idiom] to ride on the left side on the road
to hail as a major development
to praise vociferously as a big development
a set of handlebars
the curved steering bar of a bicycle, motorcycle, etc., placed in front of the rider and gripped by the hands.
the oncoming traffic
traffic that comes towards you
the key advantage
the best thing about something
to move sideways
do not move in a forwards direction