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EDUCATION Chapter 18: Writing essays, assignments

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submit a report
hand in a report
presenting their findings
present the outcome
select a research topic
select a topic to do research on
working hypothesis
a theory which can be used provisionally but may change
supports the hypothesis
we usually do not say prove the hypothesis; prove is too strong
undertaking a study
carrying out a study
research ethics
a system of standards which control how research is done
literature review
a review on the literature that you have read
background reading
reading of related works in order to get contextual information on a topic that you are intending to study or write about
in-depth critique
examination and judgement of something, done carefully and in great detail
provide a rationale
give an explanation
back up your conclusions
use evidence to show your conclusions
lay out your results
show your results
vigorous defence
a very strong and forceful defence
makes the case for
to give good reasons why something should be done
confronts issues
face issues
puts the case for
argue in favour of
tackle the issues
resolve or deal with an issue
exhaustive account
extremely detailed account
research indicates
research shows
formulate new theories
to devise or develop a new theory
test theories
test the theory
covers a lot of ground
to deal with much information and many facts
full explanation
detailed explanation
the thrust of the argument
the main idea or opinion that is discussed
first-hand knowledge
experienced directly
critical analysis
a detailed study or examination which assesses quality