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WORK Chapter 12: Working life

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joined the staff
became part of the staff
make a living
earn enough to live
aspects of the job
things of the job
members of staff
staff members
maternity leave
leave work to care for a newborn baby
go part-time
work part-time
do a job-share
situation where two people share equal parts of the same job
lay off staff
dismiss staff because there is no work for them to do
go freelance
work for several different organisations rather than working full-time for one organisation
practised medicine
worked as a doctor
carve a niche for myself
make a special position for myself
opposite number
someone doing the same job in a different location
took up the post
started work
held that position
had that job
I am open to offers
open to new jobs
putting together my CV
a written description of your education, qualifications, skills and career
tempting offer
a good job offer
fast-track scheme
system for rapid training and promotion of talented staff
moving up the ladder
being promoted
had a change of heart
my attitude or mood changed
get my priorities right
give importance to the right aspects of life
take priority over
be more important to me than
handed in my resignation
a formal written statement that you are leaving your job