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WORK Chapter 13: New employment

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fit the job description
be fit to the job
daunting task
difficult task
narrow the list down
make a shorter list
taking up references
ask for information about a person you are going to employ
working as a team
team work
mastering new skills
make new skills your own
taking on responsibility
being responsible
taken industrial action
gone on a strike
professional misconduct
a violation of the rules or boundaries set by the governing body of a profession
relieved of his duties
wrongfully dismissed
unfairly dismissed
losing his livelihood
to lose one’s ability to make money
pencil in a meeting
schedule a meeting
clear my desk
deal with all the papers on one's desk
landed a new job
got a new job
heavy workload
the amount of work or of working time expected or assigned
unsocial hours
working hours that are outside of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday.
menial tasks
lowly and sometimes degrading work
running errands
A short trip taken to perform a specified task, usually for another.
living wage
enough money to live on
overtime is unpaid
not getting paid for the overtime
throw a sickie
take a day off work pretending to be sick
getting the sack
being dismissed
be prospects for
chances in the futute
sweated labour
worker who are paid very little and work in very bad situations
realise his potential
achieve all that he is capable of
high turnover of staff
employees leave their jobs at a relatively high rate
stay the course
remain there until he is successful