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WORK Chapter 16: Customer services

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carry out surveys
or do surveys, NOT make surveys
online shopping
The act of purchasing products or services over the internet
go shopping
purchasing products or services on the high street
value for money
that you get a good quality for the price that you have paid
fit for purpose
good at doing what it is supposed to do
make a complaint
complain against
offer a discount
get a reduced price
place an order
submit an order
regular customers
customers who buy frequently
satisfied customers
customers that are satisfied with your products or services
healthy competition
the situation in which people or businesses are trying to be more successful than each other
prompt service
quick service
a next-day service
a service that supplies something the day after it is ordered
put me on hold
to put someone's telephone call on hold
poor quality
bad quality
top quality
good quality
kick up a fuss
make a very forcible complaint
a full refund
ask for all my money back
take my custom elsewhere
not buy from the same place again
grounds for complaint
a reason for complaining
providing an excellent service
give a good service to your customers
conform to safety regulations
obey all the rules or laws relating to safety
honour all commitments
do what we said we would do
we take very seriously any complaints
take the complaints seriously
come up to standard
reach appropriate standards
handle all complaints
administering complaints