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Chapter 1: Introducing collocations

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Arouse someone's interest
to make somebody have a particular feeling or attitude
lead a seminar
be in charge of a seminar
fundamentally different
radically different
flatly contradict
What Mr. Zet says in court ... his first alibi. (object / protest)
a lick of paint
a small amount of paint
a team of experts
A group of people with a high degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject
words of wisdom
wise sayings or teachings
come up with a suggestion
create/provide/offer/suggest a suggestion
run up a bill
such an account for food and drink in a restaurant, hotel etc.
adhere to your principles
to stick to your principles
go on an economy drive
a period when you try to spend less money than usual
market potential
The estimated maximum total sales revenue of all suppliers of a product in a market during a certain period.
alight from a bus
getting off a bus