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Chapter 7: Metaphor

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face the facts
accept reality
shoulder the blame
take responsibility for something bad
footing the bill
heads a team
leads a project group
keeps on her toes
makes her stay active and concentrated
has an eye for
is good at noticing
goes hand in hand with
happens at the same time or as a result of
heavy responsibility
a big responsibility
heavy burden
something heavy to carry or a difficult resonsibility
heavy book
a book that weighs a lot or one with difficult content
weighty tome
a book with difficult content
weighty matters
difficult matters
weighty problems
serious problems
light reading
reading material that is not serious
light heart
carefree and happy
slim chance
small chance
fat chance
almost no chance
run into difficulties
have obstacles
hopping mad
extremely angry (informal)
walked straight into a job
got a job very easily
to jump to the conclusion
to make a very quick conclusion
hit the rocks
run into trouble
an unpleasant, difficult, or dangerous situation