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Chapter 8: Intensifying and softening adverbs

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deeply offensive
very offensive
slightly offensive
a bit offensive
spotlessly clean
very clean
downright rude
very rude
thoroughly ashamed
very ashamed
blatantly obvious
really obvious
stinking rich
very rich
wildly exaggerated
very exaggerated
dead easy
very simple
wildly inaccurate
with many errors
slightly different
not very different
mildly surprised
slightly surprised
mildly amusing
slightly but not very funny
mildly irritating
not intense or extreme irritating
mildly offensive
Gentle and not easily provoked
highly educated
very educated
highly recommended
very recomended
highly unlikely
very unlikely
strongly influence
very high effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself:
greatly appreciate
considerable amount of appreciation
greatly influence
considerable amount o influence
utterly absurd
completely absurd
utterly ridiculous
really ridiculous
thoroughly enjoy
really enjoy
completely.totally.entirelly different
fundamentally different
completely.totally.entirely dependent on
really dependent on
completely.totally.entirely separate
not together, or not joined to something else at all