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Chapter 9: Make and verbs that mean make

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make some suggestions
come up with suggestions (no do/give)
make a contribution
contribute to something (no have/give)
make an apology
apologise (no give)
improvements to make
(no do)
making these arrangements
(no doing)
have a party
(no make)
(no made)
make a habit
make enemies
one who feels hatred toward
made attempts
make a success
make an escape
leave work
made discovery
found something
make calculations
make room for
make space
made his acquaintance
got to know him
make an offer
make a proposal
make a formal suggestion
make a stand against
protest about
create a good impression
make an impression
create an atmosphere
make for an atmosphere
staged a protest
make a formal protest
lodged a complaint
make a formal complaint
rustle up a meal
make a meal very quickly
run up curtains
make quickly using a sewing machine
turn in a profit
make a profit
coined the term
invent / make up a new phrase