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Chapter 10: Communicating

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I wouldn`t say no to
I'd really like (informal)
Needless to say/ It goes without saying that
it is obvious
didn't say a word
didn't say a thing
Generally speaking
in general
strictly speaking
speaks very highly
says good things about you
speak properly
speak out loud
talked business
come to the point
talking nonsense
talking rubbish
talking a lot of sense
with useful information
give me a reason
does not say a reason
state your aim
state your purpose/goal
state their business
say what their intentions are
give an account
make a notice
got the message across
conveyed the idea
declare the winner of
statement made at the time of the win
pronounced dead
used when making an official statement of death
impart knowledge
transfer knowledge
divulge sources
make something secret known
disseminating information
spreading information to a lot of people
notified the police
officially informed
protest his innocence
insist he was not guilty
professed ignorance
claimed - perhaps insincerely - that he did not know