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Chapter 14: Thoughts and ideas

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honestly think
NOT strongly think
to give it some thought
to think about it
to bear in mind
to remember
It's common knowledge
everyone knows
to grasp the importance
to understand how important something is
to take the view
to have an opinion (about something) : to believe
a foregone conclusion
to be absolutely certain
a rough idea
a general idea
to subscribe to the theory
to hold that opinion
a widespread belief
to generally held a view
opinions are divided
people hold different views
it is my firm conviction
I am totally convinced
to judge someone harshly
to be very critical of someone
a poor judgement
to make decisions with total disregard to wisdom, common sense, how it may effect the future or others
to pass judgement on
to criticise
against your better judgement
despite the knowledge that something is a bad idea
a lack of judgement
an inability to judge a situation wisely
an error of judgement
a bad decision
to think laterally
to approach a problem in an imaginative and original way rather than using a traditional approach
fertile imagination
one that produces lots of original and interesting ideas
to wrestle with a problem
to struggle to find a solution 2. Combat to overcome an opposing tendency or force 3. Engage in deep thought, consideration, or debate
a nagging doubt
an unpleasant feeling of doubt that will not go away
to fuel speculation
to encourage people to consider that something may be true