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Chapter 19: Social life

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a flying visit
a visit that doesn't last long
girls' night out
a night out where only girls are allowed
to go out for a meal
to eat a meal in a restaurant
to stick to my diet
to adhere to your diet
a surprise party
a party organised for someone who doesn't know
to spring a surprise on
to surprise
to call for a celebration
mean that a celebration was appropriate
to throw a party
to have a party
to put in an appearance
to came just for a short time
a special occasion
a significant event or happening
to spend quality time
time where people can give their complete attention to each other
a whirlwind visit
a brief and very busy visit
a social whirl
a non-stop set of social events
go clubbing
go out to clubs
to play host to
to provide the facilities for
to make us welcome
to receive with pleasure and hospitality
to find time
to have the time
to pay someone a visit
to visit someone or something
to join the festivities
to join the festive activities
to attend a formal function
to hold a formal function
a family gathering
social event where a family comes together, usually to celebrate something
to wine and dine
to take out for dinner and drinks
a convivial atmosphere
a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere
the perfect venue
the place where a public event or meeting happens