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Chapter 20: Talking

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an idle chatter
chitchat, idle or foolish and irrelevant talk
to exchange pleasantries
to make a polite conversation
a juicy gossip
interesting because it is shocking or personal
to exgange news
to share news
to spread rumours
a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts
rumours are always flying around
rumours are always in circulation
to engage someone in conversation
to involve in conversation
to open your heart
to tell someone about your problems and secrets
to draw sombody into an argument
to involve someone in an argument
to win an argument
to win a debate
to lose an argument
to lose the argument
to carry on a conversation
keep on talking in a conversation
to hold a conversation
to have a conversation
to broach the subject
to begin a discussion of a difficult topic
to change the subject
to talk about a different subject
to bring up a subject
to start talking about a subject
to take me seriously
be serious about me and what I say and do
to overstate my case
give too much importance or seriousness to a point of view
to bombard with questions
to ask lots of questions
a broad generalisations
a statement or idea that applies to a lot of people, without details about what you see or hear
to drop the subject
not to talk about the subject anymore
bad / strong / foul language
swear words, taboo language
four-letter words
swear words, taboo words any of several short words referring to sexual or excretory functions, regarded as coarse or offensive.
an opening gambit
a remark made in order to start a conversation
a rash promise
promises made without thinking
an empty promise
a promise made which the speaker had no intention of keeping
a tough question
difficult question to answer