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Chapter 22: Current affairs

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an abject apology
a humble apology
a disorderly behaviour
disturbing the public peace
to be refused point-blank
completely refused
to provide an explanation
give an explanation
damaging disclosures
sensitive, private information which has been revealed
to mislead the electrorate
to give a wrong impression or lead the electrorate toward a wrong conclusion
a public pronouncement
an official announcement
to clarify his position
to make something easier to understand
to decline to comment
to refuse to comment
to re-open the debate
started the debate again
evidence emerges
To become known or prominent after being in obscurity
to take a firm stance
(formal) to take position
flatly rejected
(formal) completely denied
issued a statement
announced a statement
critically ill
seriously ill
regular updates
updates which are given regularly
seeking permission
asking permission
a detailed account
a detailed report that contains information about their work and personal lives
to give a leave
given permission
to take issue with
(formal) disagree with
to gauge reaction
to test the response
to excite speculation
(formal) to cause rumours to circulate
air a grievance
(formal) complained
a dissenting voice
(formal) person who disagreed
a vociferous opponent
someone who opposes something loudly and publicly
a passionate entry
requests made because of strong beliefs
a throwaway comment
an unintentional remark which should not be taken seriously