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Chapter 24: Advertisements and fashion

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a sheer luxury
[informal] comfort and luxury, something expensive and unnecessary
an unrivalled service
a service that cannot be matched 2. Eminent beyond or above comparison
an exclusive restaurant
a very expensive restaurant, and therefore available only to people who have a lot of money
a long-lasting colour
a colour that last for a long time
a sun-damaged hair
hair that is damaged because of the sun
a gracious living
characterized by or suitable for a life of elegance, ease, and indulgence
a grand style
impressive style
natural highlights
highlights that are natural
anti-ageing properties
anti-ageing goods
clinically proven
proven in a clinical way
to banish wrinkles
to get rid of lines
a luxury cream
a cream that feels luxurious
fine lines
small lines that can turn into wrinkles
a flawless complexion
without imperfections
to pile on the pounds
to put on weight
tasty snacks
snacks that are tasty
to feel peckish
to feel hungry 2. Easily irritated or annoyed
glossy magazines
magazines printed on high quality paper with lots of photos and adverts
what's in fashion
what is a trend, popular in fashion
a designer label
a label that designs clothes
high-street fashion
clothes bought in ordinary shops rather than from special fashion designers
to launch their new collections
to make their new collections known
the new season's look
the new fashion style
to set the trend
to start the fashion
a stunning range
a beautiful line of clothes
to hit the high street
become available in chainstores
to be hugely popular
very popular
a fashion victim
a person who always wears fashionable clothes even if they make them look ridiculous or don't suit them
excruciatingly uncomfortable
very uncomfortable
back in fashion
become fashionable again