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Chapter 27: Sport

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do extreme sports
NOT make extreme sports
to acquire a taste for
to begin to enjoy
to keep my balance
to maintain the balance
to get the hang of it
to become able to do something
a precious little chance
a very little chance
to take up the challenge
to respond to a challenge and do what the challenge asks
pretty fit
fairly fit
to push myself to the limits
to make a considerable effort
to have a whale of a time
to have a fantastic time
to jump at the chance
to really like to do something
to summon up the energy
to find all the energy you have left
keep in shape
stay in good physical condition
to reach fever pitch
to become very excited/agitated
to play a blinder
to perform brilliantly
the score stands at
the score is
take the field
go on the pitch
to put up a performance
to engage in a performance; carry on a performance
to break through the defence
to get through the defence
to award a penalty
to get a penalty
the penalty was missed
a missed penalty
to give yellow cards
to give a "fine" in football
a free kick
a Kick awarded to a team for a foul committed by the opponents.
to scor an own goal
to scor a goal in error against their own team
to go wild
to become crazy with excitement (can also be used for other emotions, such as rage)