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Chapter 28: plans and decisions

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plans making
developing plans
to toy with the idea (notion) of
to consider, but not in a focused way
a long-term solution
a solution for a long period
to unveil a plan
to show / make known for the first time
to drum up support
to increase support for something. Bring together people for a common purpose or generate support a particular action
a slight change of plan
a small change in a plan
to act on a suggestion
to do something as a result of a suggestion
to implement a plan
to put into operation
to draw up a schedule
to make a schedule
to stick to a schedule
to keep to a schedule
a tentative suggestion
a suggestion that you are not sure will be accepted
to launch the scheme
to set going
to exercise greater control
to exercise influence over someone or something to have someone or something under one's control or influence.
to their discretion
to leave everything to their judgement
to cover every eventuality
toconsider all possible situations and difficulties
after careful consideration
careful thought before making a decision or judgment about something
an option open to us
an option for us
the deciding factor
the most important factor which influences a decision
an eager anticipation
feeling of great excitement about something that is going to happen
to came up with an idea
to think of an idea
preparations have been underway
which is happening
the necessary groundwork
The fundamental assumptions from which something is begun, developed, calculated or explained
to reach the decision
to arrive at a decision; make a decision
to put into practice
to carry out in action
to declare outright opposition
to say they are completely opposed
to declare outright hostility
to say they are completely hostile
to be rejected out of hand
to be totally rejected
a constructive criticism
criticism which is useful and intended to help or improve