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Chapter 30: Regulations and authority

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to pass new laws
to introduce new laws
regulations have been introduced
regulations brought in
a standardise procedure
a prescribed procedure to be followed routinely
to adhere to standards
to stick / hold on to the standards
to comply with laws
To act in accordance with laws
to have an obligation
something that you must do for legal or moral reasons
to carry out a risk assessment
an exercise to identify and assess risks
in breach of the law
breaking the law
to minimise danger
to reduce danger
to satisfy the requirements
to meet the requirements
absolutely essential
NOT very essential
to seek permission
to ask for permission
the plan is approved
to accept the plan
to grant permission
to give permission
to obtain permission
to receive permission
to introduced new legislation
to introduce new laws
to tighten controls
made the rules tougher
to put in an application
to put in a request
to give the green light
to give permission for someone to do something or for something to happen:
to infringe the regulations
to break the rules
faceless bureaucrats
used as an insult to officials, suggesting that they lack character
in a position of authority
in a position to use authority
to exercise authority
to use authority
to cut through the red tape
to deal quickly and effectively with bureaucratic procedures
to flout the rules
to intentionally break the rules , to show a blatant disregard or contempt for