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Chapter 41 - Youth and Age

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child prodigy
young genius
to pander to his every whim
to do every little thing that he wanted even when it was not appropriate
a spoilt brat
(informal, disapproving) an unpleasant child, one who behaves badly and whose parents allow to behave as he/she wishes
disaffected youth
young people who do not accept society's values
juvenile delinquent
a criminal who is still legally a minor
to see the error of his ways
to understand his mistakes
take for granted
fail to properly appreciate (someone or something), especially as a result of overfamiliarity. 2.assume that something is true without questioning it.
to go through a midlife crisis
period of dissatisfaction in the middle of one's life
to go through a phase
to go through a period of strange or difficult behaviour
to feel their age
to feel as old as they are
occasional twinge
a slight ache from time to time
senior moment
moment of forgetfulness
grumpy old man
(informal, uncomplimentary) an old man who is always complaining about things
live quite a comfortable life
note how "live" often collocates with "life"
to rekindle memories
to bring back memories