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Chapter 43 - Criticising People

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bone idle
(informal) extremely lazy
to have an attitude problem
(informal) a negative, uncooperative attitude
a slippery customer
(informal) someone who cannot be trusted
to pick a fight
to provoke a fight
to hold in contempt
to despise _Lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike
to take the flak
(informal) to receive strong criticism (often + from ) 2.
disruptive influence
someone who encourages others to behave in a negative way _ Characterized by unrest, disorder or insubordination
the blame rests
it is the fault of
to shirk their responsibilities
to pay no attention to their responsibilities
to stoop to the level of
to do something that makes your moral standards lower
dirty trick to play
nasty/dishonest thing to do
a nasty piece of work
unpleasant, untrustworthy person
totally out of order
very inappropriate
downright disgrace
absolutely disgraceful
wouldn't trust an inch
wouldn't trust at all
betrayed my trust
disappointed because I trusted you
to belittle his achievements (influence)
to make what someone has done seem unimportant_Cause to seem less serious; play down
to cloud your judgement
to affect your judgement negatively
minor niggles
small complaints
a glaring error
an obvious mistake
constant nagging
complaining or criticising all the time