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Act 5, Scene 1

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'But soft, but see, or rather do not see, My fair rose wither.' (Queen)
The Queen foreshadows her husband's demise and comments that he doesn't show his true feelings.
'Ah, thou, the model where old Troy did stand!' (Queen)
The Queen alludes to Richard's fallen greatness.
'I am a sworn brother To grim Necessity, and he and I will keep league till death.' (Richard)
Richard says his agreement to the deposition was necessary.
'What, is my Richard both in shape and mind Transformed and weakened?' (Queen)
The Queen comments that Richard has utterly changed.
'The lion, dying, thrusteth forth his paw, And wounds the earth, if nothing else, with rage' (Queen)
The Queen says that a lion, even when dying would fight back.
'And fawn on rage with base humility, Which art a lion and the king of beasts?' (Queen)
The Queen says that Richard flatters rage by giving in, when he is the king.
'A king 'of beasts', indeed; if aught but beasts, I had been still a happy king of men.' (Richard)
Richard says that if his subjects had not been beasts, he would still be king.
'Think am I dead, and that even thou tak'st, As from my death-bed, thy last living leave.' (Richard)
Richard says that the Queen should consider him dead from this point onwards.
'Tell thou the lamentable tale of me, And send the hearers weeping to their beds;' (Richard)
Richard says the Queen should tell his sad tale to arouse great pity.
'And some will mourn in ashes, some coal-black, For the deposing of a rightful king.' (Richard)
Richard says people will mourn terribly for him.
'Thou shalt think, Though he divide the realm and give thee half, It is too little, helping him to all.' (Richard)
Richard foretells that Northumberland will become unhappy with his share and will challenge Bulling. for more.
'He shall think that thou, which know'st the way To plant unrightful kings, wilt know again,' (Richard)
Richard says that Bulling. will now not trust Northumberland as he has helped Bulling. depose Richard.
'The love of wicked men coverts to fear, That fear to hate, and hate turns one or both To worthy danger and deserved death.' (Richard)
Richard says that wicked men will always bring death to one another.
'We make woeful wanton with this fond delay. Once more, adieu; the rest, let sorrow say.' (Richard)
Richard says their fond and sad words have to be left for sorrow to say.