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Act 5, Scene 2

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'Where rude and misgoverned hands, from windows' tops, Threw dust and rubbish on King Richard's head.' (Duchess of York)
The Duchess says people threw rubbish onto Richard's head
'Whilst he, from one side to the other turning, Bareheaded, lower than his proud steed's neck,' (York)
York describes Bulling. getting on a level with people of the country, emphasising Richard's prior detachment.
'men's eyes did scowl on Richard. No man cried, 'God save him!' (York)
York says that men glared at Richard and no-one called on God to save him.
'But dust was thrown upon his sacred head, Which with such gentle sorrow he shook off,' (York)
York reiterates that dust was thrown on Richard and says that he withstood it with honour.
'That had not God for some strong purpose steeled The hearts of men, they must perforce have melted,' (York)
York says that if God had not prevented men from feeling pity, their hearts would have melted from the sight.
'But heaven hath a hand in these events, To whose high will we bound our calm contents.' (York)
York says that these events are God's will so they have to be content with the outcomes.