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Act 5, Scene 5

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'I have been studying how I may compare This prison where I live unto the world;' (Richard)
Richard is lonely in his confinement.
'My brain I'll provide the female to my soul, My soul the father, and these two beget A generation of still-breeding thoughts;' (Richard)
Richard tries to populate his confinement with his thoughts; the products of his mind and soul.
'Thoughts tending to ambition, they do plot Unlikely wonders...die in their own pride.' (Richard)
Richard says that ambitious thoughts lead nowhere.
'Thoughts tending to content flatter themselves That they are not the first of Fortune's slaves,' (Richard)
Richard says that thoughts that lead him to believe he is content are reminded that they are a slave to fate.
'Thus I play in one person many people, And none contented.' (Richard)
Richard says that none of his many thoughts are contented.
'Sometimes am I king; Then treasons make me wish myself a beggar, And so I am.' (Richard)
Richard says his thoughts remind him of his poor behaviour as king, then he wishes himself to be a beggar. Which he is.
'Then crushing penury Persuades me I was better when a king; Then I am kinged again,' (Richard)
Richard says that an overwhelming need persuades his mind to pretend he is king again.
'and by and by Think that I am un-kinged by Bullingbrooke, And straight I am nothing.' (Richard)
Richard says that the thought that Bulling. has deposed him reduces him to feeling that he has lost his identity.
'I wasted time, and now doth Time waste me;' (Richard)
Richard says he wasted his time on the throne and now he is wasting away in time.
'So sighs, and tears, and groans, Show minutes, times, and hours;' (Richard)
Richard says that time is measured by his discomfort.
'his Jack o'th'clock.' (Richard)
Richard says that Bullingbrooke's time is marred by regular thoughts of Richard.
'So proudly as if he disdained the ground.' (Groom)
The Groom says that even Richard's old horse has deserted him in favour of Bulling.
'I was not made a horse, And yet I bear a burthen like an ass, Spurred, galled and tires by jauncing Bullingbrooke.' (Richard)
Richard says he carries his burden like an ass and is beaten and tired out by Bulling..
'Exton, thy fierce hand Hath with the King's blood stained the King's own land.' (Richard)
Richard says that the land will be under threat now he has been killed.
'Mount, mount, my soul; thy seat is up on high, Whilst my gross flesh sinks downwards, here to die.' (Richard)
Richard tells his soul to ascend to its rightful place in heaven, while his body dies.