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Act 5, Scene 6

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'I have to London sent The heads of Salisbury, Spencer, Blunt and Kent.' (North.)
North. tells Bulling. that he's executed traitors to Bulling..
'We thank thee, gentle Percy, for thy pains, And to thy worth will add right worthy gains.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. tells North. that he will be rewarded for his loyalty.
'So as thou liv'st in peace, die free from strife;' (Bulling.)
Bulling. respects Carlisle and lets him live.
'Great King, within this coffin I present Thy buried fear:' (Exton)
Exton presents the dead Richard to Bulling.
'Exton, I thank thee not, for thou hast wrought A deed of slander, with thy fatal hand, Upon my head and all this famous land.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. says that guilt and unrest will befall him as a result of the act.
'though I did wish him dead, I hate the murtherer, love him murthered.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. says that although he wanted Richard out of the way, he cannot condone his murder.
'With Cain go wander through the shades of night, And never show thy head by day nor light.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. exiles Exton and compares him to the biblical Cain.
'Lords, I protest, my soul is full of woe, That blood should sprinkle me to make me grow.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. says he is unhappy that for him to flourish, Richard died.
'I'll make a voyage to the Holy Land, To wash this blood off from my guilty hand.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. feels guilty for Richard's death and says he must make a pilgrimage to atone for it.
'March sadly after, grace my mournings here, In weeping after this untimely bier.' (Bulling.)
Bulling. says that they will very sadly form a procession behind the coffin of the too-soon deceased Richard.