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Vertebral Column
The spine consists of 26 vertebrae bones. Provides support for head and trunk of the body, protection for the spinal cord, and connecting points for the ribs and muscles.
Vertebral Column Regions
The vertebral column is divided into four regions which include cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx
Vertebra C1 (atlas)
Transverse foramen, lightbulb-shaped
Vertebra C2 (axis)
transverse foramen, large; heart-shaped
Vertebra C3-C6
Relatively small body; vertebral opening is large' triangular
Vertebra C7 (vertebra prominens)
Relatively small oval body; transverse foramen; vertebral opening is large and triangular.
Thoracic T1-T10
Body larger than c2-c7, heart shaped; vertebral opening is circular
Thoracic T11-T12
Body is larger than C2-C7, heartshaped, no facets for rib joints
Lumbar L1-L5
Largest of all vertebrae
Sacrum 5 fused S1-S5
Fusion of 5 vertebrae forms a triangular bone; becomes lateral sacral crest and sacral canal.
4 fused