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La ido di la hundo
The offspring of the dog
La cielo de Rusia
The sky of Russia
Ringo ek oro
Ring of gold
Vu venas de Kanada
You come from Canada
Omni por uno
All for one
Me voyajos til pos un monato
I will travel for a month
Lu ocidas por manjar
He kills for eat
In spite of
En la domo
In the house
Me iros pos uno horo
I will go in one hour
La libro esas sur la tablo
The book is on the table
Ad-minime me esas sekura
At least I am safe
Vu flugas super la oceano
You are flying over the ocean
Cirkume du minuti
About two minutes
Parolez pri vu
Talk about you
Til la sequanta treno
Until the next train
De pos kande lu iris
Since when he went
De lore nulo eventis
Since then nothing happened
Kun amo
With love
Sen vu
Without you
Turnez vers me
Turn to me
Vu iras a la butiko
You go to the shop